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Updated 6 February 2007

Marebito Masuoka is a man obsessed with images, and he lives half in the real world and half through the viewfinder of a videocamera. He constantly replays his footage of a man who killed himself in a subway station. The man's look of terror fascinates Masuoka and he longs to experience that same emotion. While randomly wandering and filming around Tokyo, he discovers a maze of tunnels beneath the city. The first inhabitants he finds are homeless and afraid. Then he encounter Muriko the suicide victim from his video. Muriko explains the dangers of the Deros- short for detrimental Robots ( See Richard Shavers 1921 Sci Fi Classic) who are blood sucking inhabitants of this underground city. Further exploration brings him to an open canyon where he discovers a beautiful girl chained in a cavern. He brings her home, only to find that although she appears human , she is actually a Dero. Naming her "F" ,he taps his own blood supply  to keep her fed but before long he needs to supplement her diet. His ex wife comes around looking for their daughter and she becomes the first five liter donor. He enjoys the fear of his donors/victims and of course it all goes into his video collection. F is grateful for the baby bottles filled with blood and all in all it's a happy arrangement. But the plot, written and directed by Takashi Shimizu of Ju-On fame is far more twisted and visually disturbing than you'd anticipate. The director of Tetsuo-The Iron Man, Shinya Tsukamoto plays the lead part of the nerdy and perhaps insane cameraman. Just one more instance of sophisticated, adult scarey ass Japanese horror films that are often copied but never duplicated. The stiffs in Hollywood do not have the balls to make stuff this good, but don't get me started. 2005 Japanese 91 minutes Rated III (18 years+)

Vamps: Deadly Dream Girls  A vampire stripper movie with an actual plot.  Tasha, the head vampire stripper, wants Heather to join her vampire family while Seamus, a Catholic priest, falls in love with Heather.  Tasha is not pleased.  Alice Cooper called it the "Gone With the Wind of Vampire Stripper Movies". Also recommended by Tom Clary who wrote the review. He also says you should check out Blood Sisters: Vamps 2 Which he helped create.
The Redneck Vampire An amateur film about a trailer park bowling redneck who also happens to be a vampire. Check it out at their site redneckvampire.com .

Interview With A Vampire You've all seen this adaptation of the Ann Rice novel so we'll skip it. We had to list it, however, so all you Goths would stop recommending it and clogging up our email. The book is better because Tom Cruise is not in it! Kirsten Dunst is gorgeous.  1994 Rated R 123 interminable minutes

Cold Hearts Recommended by Saras who tells us :" ... seems to be a tip of the hat to Lost Boys. Two groups of vampires haunt the Jersey Shore looking for a good time, while something looks for them." 1999 Canadian

Blood and Donuts    Also from Saras "1985? I think... A vampire is awakened from a long sleep by a golf ball, and finds help at the local coffee and Donut shop. Befriending a waitress and a Cabby.

Also sent in by Arashi & Roger : 

--Directed by Holly Dale. Starring Gordon Currie,Justin Lewis, David Cronenberg, and Helene Clarkson. The story of Boya  (Gordon Currie), and a diner. Boya is a vampire who crawled into a bag for a LONG nap, depressed by the lunar landing in 1969. He wakes up in 1995 and finds himself tied to the events and people inside a small 24 hour diner. Especially Earl (Justin Lewis), a taxi driver he befriends, and Molly (Helene Clarkson) a waitress with whom an romantic interest develops. The diner is being threatened to give gangster Stephen (David Cronenberg) "protection" money, or else. Boya decides to defend his newfound friends. It's a really sweet vampire movie, handled in a way that is extremely rare. We need some help finding this one. Anyone have a copy they want to swap? 

Near Dark Also recommended by Roger "--Directed by Katherine Bigelow. Starring what later became a chunk of the James Cameron ensemble cast--Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, and Jenette Goldstien. A nomadic vampire pack who travel the countryside in a series of stolen vehicles with blacked-out windows encounter bored farmhand Caleb (Adrian Pasdar), who falls for their lonely, ethereal  'daughter' Mae (Jenny Wright), and a compelling conflict between the two 'families' ensues. Eerie, believable and extremely well plotted. "Full Moon Films" addicts will recognize the underrated Tim Thomerson of "Trancers" fame in an excellent supporting role." Thanks again, Roger.

Modern Vampires -Directed by Richard Elfman(Danny Elfmans older brother). Starring Casper Van Dien, Rod Steiger, Craig Ferguson, Kim Cattrall, Robert Pastorelli, and Natashi Gregson Wagner. Basically this straight to video flick follows Dallas (Casper Van Dien) as he deals with a long list of problems due to his past. He has Van Helsing (Rod Steiger)on his tail, and is in trouble with the Count Dracula up to his teeth. Kim Cattrall plays a cocktail dress wearing socialite vampire who tries to help him out. Done in a dark comedic fashion, and set in Hollywood, this movie is a break from movies about vampires who are depressed over what they are, and how brutal that life is. They know it's brutal, and have fun with it. There are serious scenes in this flick, and issues as well, but it's handled in what I feel is a pretty good way.

Obviously we should just turn this page over to Roger & Arashi true afficianadoes of Vampires on film. Thanks 

Rockula And another Saras pick " 1990 Comedy. A teenage vampire has t osave his love before she is killed by a pirate with a rhine-stone peg-leg wielding a ham bone on Halloween night...whci is what has happened every 21 years for the last century to the poor guy. The music is kind of fun, even if the movie is almost too goofy."

Dracula The 1931 original, with Bela Lugosi is always going to be the best. He defines what a vampire is and everyone since then has been forced to copy his imagery. If you haven't seen this, you have no business even reading this page. If you haven't seen it in a few years, go buy a copy, it deserves an annual viewing. Directed by Todd Browning, who was kind enough to also give us Freaks, it is fairly true to Bram Stokers novel and a far cry from Nosferatu. There's nothing better than a good black and white vampire film.

Bram Stoker's Dracula With this cast -Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves and Gary Oldman- you'd think this F.F. Coppola film would be the defing version of this story. It's not. It is however, far more erotic than most and has all those big budget effects which never fail to impress. 192 Rated R 130 minutes

Bloodlust Shaun Hobby who specializes in Australian vampire films brought this to our attention. He says: "A stylish and macabre action thriller, with a strong vein of dark humour, about three modern-day vampires who rip-off the mob and find themselves pursued into a living hell by a psychotic rabble of syndicate hitmen, redneck cops and religious fanatics. Actually it's total crap, but it's Australian and banned in seven countries"  You can check out Shaun's complete and scathing review at http://sincity.sinfree.net/reviews/bloodlust.html Thanks Shaun

Vampyr Neil Manning wrote to recommend this  film. He says"Carl Theodore Dreyer's "Vampyr" from 1931 or '32. Continues the use of expressionism from Murnau, et al. Tells a very creepy tale of vampires in an eerie, dream-like world, where nothing seems real. Rather slow, but fantastic camera work - weird angles; lots of shadows and ghostly imagery. A must for all vampire lovers! "  Thanks Neil 

Drawing Blood Director Sergio Lapel made this trashy vampire in which an artist bites her models and mixes their blood in her pigments. Her protégé Edmund acts as her procurer until his conscience gets the better of him. Enlisting his Jimmy Durante imitating father, they set out to bring her down. This is a Troma produced film with all the kitsch and pointless nudity you might expect. Contains some major rewriting of the cinematic vampire rules. Jersey fans will recognize Hackensack in this "must see" for incurable vampire wannabe's and hardcore Goths.  1999 Rated R 90 minutes. 

Cronos An old watchmaker finds a curios clockwork device that has some sinister qualities. He starts acting younger and pretty soon he gets a hankering for blood. There's an odd South American slant to this film which is in Spanish intermixed with English. A nice twist from the standard vampire fare. 1992 color 92 minutes ratewd R

John Carpenter's Vampires James Woods, Daniel Baldwin, Tina Griffith and Maximillian Schell all got roped into working on this too slick hi-tech version of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I did learn a new piece of vampire lore; however, from this one. If you harpoon a vampire and winch them into the sunlight they light up like a road flare. Your time would be better spent cleaning the grout in your shower. 1998 Rated R 94 minutes

Blood and Roses Mel Ferrer as a Vampire ? This is one of many film versions of the novel Carmilla. 1961 Italian 90 minutes unrated. Thanks Vanessa for the recommendation

Habit We should do a subheading of vampire films shot on the lower east side of Manhattan. Is it just a coincidence that NYU film school is in that neighborhood. This blood feast is written, directed and edited by Larry Fessenden, who also plays the lead . A talented guy. Sam is a lost soul whose girlfriend has just moved out. He meets his Vampiress, Anna (Meredith Snander) at a Halloween party. It is a little ambiguous whether Anna is into serious unsafe sex or just your average Transylvanian/New York transplant. Unless your a fan of this genre, wait for Larry's next movie, it's gonna be a lot better. 112 minutes Rated R 1997 5/99

Nadja Elisa Lowensohn plays the twin child of Dracula in this black and white pixelated horrorshow new wave vampire thriller. Her brother helps Peter Fonda track her down and drive a stake through her heart. Highly stylized to the point of being incomprehensable.

The Reflecting Skin Recommended by Jenny who wrote "...really bizarre film about a young farm lad immersed in the middle of several wavering plotlines that don't go anywhere. And this one has it all. Exploding frogs. Long psychotci monologues. A man setting himself on fire. A fetus in a box under a young boy's bed. Basically there's our hero who has nothing better to do so he hangs about with this pale old ghosty type who all his playmates are dead-set is a vampire. Then all his playmates start to die. Then his brother enters the mix. And then........." Perfect for a rainy afternoon, Thanks Jenny.

Nosferatu the Vampyre Klaus Kinski plays an excellent Count D. in the Werner Herzog remake of the Murnau silent film. You may have to import this one as nobody's seen it on the shelf in North America. It's available in German and English but I don't know which one is the original. Ola Lundin informs me the German version is 9 minutes longer and preferred by many. Even if Herzog films try your patience, this one should redeem his good name. 100 minutes 1979

Nosferatu The original and by far still the spookiest vampire (Max Schreck) on film. If you have only seen short clips form this grandmother of this genre, get a copy out of the library. Orson Wells stole wholesale from FW Murnau's scary shadow scenes. 1922, 84 minutes Silent

The Lost Boys West coast punks are actually a pack of new wave vampires. Keiffer Sutherland is one of the many young actors who got a boost from this popular stylish thriller. 1987 99 minutes Rated R thanks to MadlineK for the recommendation

The Hunger A treat for David Bowie fans, he's great in yet another movie that flopped at the boxoffice. Catherine DeNeuve plays opposite Bowie as his loyal Vampire companion. Susan Sarandon gets naked, which some people might enjoy and all in all it fits into the Vampiroerotica category. Directed by Tony Scott and recommended by Madeline K. 1983 97 minutes Rated R

Addicted to Murder This one fit in the Vampire category as well as Serial Killers and perhaps Losers too. Poor Joel is a serial killer and perhaps a vampire simultaneously creating a major self image problem. Written produced and directed by Kevin Lindenmuth you may have to look in the horror section to find a copy. There is also a sequel by the same suspects oddly titled Addicted to MurderII. 1995 Not Rated 90 Minutes Brimstone Productions

The Addiction What the heck is this movie about? Directed by Abel Ferrara, it could have been an NYU film school project. This pretentious vampiress can't help but quote Kierkegard while seducing her latest victims. Anyway, her drug of choice is hemoglobin, you can sort it out. Christopher Walken is in this one, too, but then, whose counting? 1995 B&W 82 minutes

BAL DE LES VAMPIRES (AKA: FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS; PARDON ME, YOUR TEETH ARE IN MY NECK) Recommended by an expert vampire movie aficianado Maddie, she tells us ," It's one of Roman Polanski's first ever movies, and it even stars the young Sharon Tate. It's a great little movie; a combo or goofy, violent, bizarre, campy and ridiculous." It sound worth hunting for. Thanks Maddie.

Dusk to Dawn  Recommended by Thomas Whiting who says it is a "killer with Cheech Marin in multiple roles" It also has Roddy MacDowell.

Fright Night Also brought to our attention by Thomas Whiting who says" it is a play on the old matinee movies hosted by Vincent Price

Vampire's Kiss A Nicholas Cage vampire comedy recommended by Steven Nelson and lots of others.

The Night Stalker Another Vampire favorite of T. Whiting.

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