Voodoo Movies about Voodoo

Films about Voodoo

If you're looking for "voodoo movies", "films about voodoo", and/or "movies about voodoo", then you're in the right place. We recommend what we think are the best voodoo movies available on this page.

I Walked With A Zombie

The most definitive and eeriest of the famous Val Lewton/Jacques Tournier horror films. A young American nurse comes to Haiti to care for the catatonic matriarch of a troubled family. Local legends surface when she takes her patient to a voodoo ceremony for "healing." Superb images & atmosphere create unique context for a serious Jane Eyre type story. Written by Curt Siodmak & Ardel Wray. Directed by Jacques Tournier. 1943. 69 minutes. Unrated. Recommended and reviewed by Mike L. Thanks Mike.

Voodoo Academy

Do not bother. A school full of hunky blond boys run around in bulgy boxer shorts while their scantily attired voodoo priestess headmistress turns them into dolls. Rated R. 90 minutes. 2000.

The Believers

Martin Sheen is a police department psychiatrist who has just lost his wife to a faulty Mr. Coffee machine. His closest friends are secretly members of a Santeria/voodoo cult that want to sacrifice his son. The plot is none too concise, but it is a scary thriller. There's a really creepy witch doctor guy who has cool looking eyes. Save it for a rainy day or your Halloween film fest.

The Killing Box

Voodoo Movies - The BelieversA B movie about a ghost regiment in the Civil War recommended by Steve Nelson.

Angel Heart

Mickey Rourke is a private detective hire by the devil (Robert Deniro) to track down someone. The detective trappings are straight Sam Spade, but Rourke redefines "a rough night" way beyond anything Sam could conjure up. Lisa Bonet plays a hot young voodoo priestess. That must have given Bill Cosby fits. Only accept the NC-17 version; the sex is essential to the eeriness of the plot. The book Fallen Angel, on which Angel Heart is based, by William Hjortsberg is also worth reading. Brownie McGhee, the famous blues artist, has a bit part as Toots Sweet. This is scary stuff and was nicely stylized under Alan Parker's writing and direction. 1987. 113 minutes. Rated R and NC17.

The Serpent and The Rainbow

This movie was so bad it spoiled the book for me. Ostensibly it 's a quasi documentary about a Harvard ethno botanist who discovers (i.e. buys) the secret to making zombies. In the process, he gets zombified, but he lives to tell about it. If you like the hallucination scenes here, be sure and check out Roger Corman's The Trip.

Voodoo Dawn

Blockbuster put Voodoo Dawn in their sales bin for $1.99, and I couldn't pass it up. It's really not worth discussing, but it is a voodoo movie, and I did sit through it to the end, so I though I'd drop it in. Raymond St. James is a voodoo priest who chases two white college boys around the swamps of Louisiana. Directed by Steven Fierberg. 1990. Rated R. 83 minutes.

Voodoo Dawn

Not to be confused with the other film of the same name, this Voodoo Dawn features Michael Madsen as an ex-con who learned a little voodoo while he was in the slammer in Louisiana. He sets out to use his black arts for revenge once he is back on the street. Somehow Jezebel (Rosanna Arquette) who is a stripper sets out to do his dirty work. Her assignment is to bring down A.J. (Balthazar Getty) and what remains of his family. It's confusing and not worth your time. It is, however, a contemporary voodoo movie, so we sat through it to the end. Look for Pat Perkins as Queenie, the voodoo priestess.

Voodoo Island

Boris Karloff made some really bad career decisions, and Voodoo Island was one of them. Beverly Tyler co-stars with Karloff as they muddle through the mystic happenings on a murky island. Directed by Reginald LeBorg. 1957. 75 minute.


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