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This Brian De Palma thriller has two things going for it; Siamese twins (played by Margot Kidder & Margot Kidder) and Staten Island. Philip (Charles Durning) gets picked up by Danielle and against his better judgment he takes her home to Staten Island in spite of her ex husbands interference. In the morning he notices Danielle' scar. It seems she was attached at the hip to her psychotic sister Dominique who shares her apartment. Well, Phillip goes out for a minute and on his return the wild Dominique kills him in a fit of jealousy. A neighbor (Jennifer Salt) sees the murder but can't convince New York's Finest. It gets weirder and although its a bit dated, it was endurable. 1973 Rated R 93 minutes.

Twin Falls, Idaho

I am sure I saw this but can't remember a thing about it. Yes, it has Siamese twins in it, but otherwise it failed to make much of an impression.

Freaks and Men

Filmed in sepia, this Russian story of early photography revolves around the advent of pornography and a kidnapped pair of singing Siamese twins. Very cool and amazingly good cinematography. Sort of a Russian David Lynch film. 90 min 2003 Unrated Russian w/subtitles.

Basket Case I&II

What's in the basket? His brother, who was connected to him but is now just a head on a stump. He will not be ignored. The sequel is even worse than the original.

Honorable mention to films that had connected twins in them:


Of course there are Siamese twins in this freakladen classic. This Tod Browning extravaganza is in a class by itself. Filmed with a troupe of circus freaks it was a little too strong for 1930s sensibilities and lay buried for a few decades. Briefly, it is the tale of a high flying hussy trapeze artist who seduces little Hans away from his diminutive fiancÚ. She marries him for his money and drugs him into submission. The freaks come to Han's rescue and chickenize the trapeze artist. Zip and Pip are in this. Good stuff. 1932 one hour Unrated.

Stuck on You

Oh God is this awful but we'll include it in the interest of completeness. If you really want to see, fly American airlines east to west. Matt Daemon and Greg Kinnear are cojoined burger flippers from Marta's Vineyard who head out to Hollywood to make it big. Best line. "we are not Siamese, we're Americans" What is Meryl Streep doing in this? 2003 118 PG 13.

The Big Fish

It's only hearsay, but purportedly there are Siamese twins in this Tim Burton offering.


Okay, so it's an HBO series not a film but the twins in this series are actual characters. This series is about 1930's carnival that has a brush with genuine mysticism. Twin Peaks meets the big top.


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