Male Hookers

Male Prostitutes Videos

Male hookers? How come there aren't any good slang names for male prostitutes ? Here's a none too encyclopedic list of movies with male prostitutes:

Prick Up Your Ears

Joe Ortin and his talented lover take the British theatre by storm with Joe's outrageous plays and lifestyle. This biographical film has Gary Oldham playing Joe, whose unbridled success drives a wall through his lengthy affair with Ken Halliwell (Alfred Molina) . Although Joe does not technically sell himself, he is a habitué of the London men's public toilet scene and occasionally pays for his pleasures. It is an interesting and gritty story told as a flashback through Wallace Shawn, who is writing Joe's biography. Directed by Stephen Frears. 1987. Rated R. 110 minutes.

Star Maps

Carlos comes back to LA, back to his crazy mother and his abusive pimp of a father with aspirations of making it in Hollywood. In the meantime, he has to hustle his ass for dad, spending long days selling maps of stars' homes and himself on a Beverly Hills street corner. This movie blows Johns away, (that was an unconscious pun, I swear) same setting, same line of work, but a much tighter story about the most screwed up family you'll ever hope to encounter. If you are interested, Carlos does get his shot at stardom, but I won't tell you the outcome. Director/writer Miguel Arteta. 1997. Rated R. 89 minutes.

My Own Private Idaho

Male Hookers - Midnight CowboyRiver Phoenix and Keanu Reeves are runaways who sell themselves in this Gus Van Zandt tale of life on the street in Seattle. Yes, Flea is also in this movie, but who's counting. Sorry Gus, but Drugstore Cowboy was 1000 times better. 1991. 103 minutes. Rated R.

Midnight Cowboy

This has to be on this list. Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman give lifetime performances in this dated but classic tale of two losers in the big city. You'll have to hunt around for a reasonable copy as many versions are sliced down for the general public. John Schlesinger directed this epic. 1969. 120 minutes. Rated R/X.


Did you ever wonder what it's like being a boy toy out on Santa Monica Boulevard? No? You can spend the day with Lukas Hass as Donner and his pal John (David Arquette), and they'll tell you all about it. John is a veteran of the trade, and he wisely informs us "the only true friend you have in this world is the money in your pocket". Maybe he should have followed his own advice, because in the opening scene someone steals the bankroll he kept hidden in his shoes. His day gets worse, and if you are really interested, you can rent this movie and tag along. Directed by Scott Silver. Elliot Gould has a great bit part as a john. 1996. Rated R. 96 minutes.


A documentary about life on the street for teenage runaways. 1984.


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