Hong Kong Movies

This page is about Hong Kong movies, especially the best Hong Kong comedies, Hong Kong action films, and Hong Kong horror films. If you're interested in Hong Kong cinema, then this is the right place.

Best Hong Kong Comedies

Kung Fu Hustle

It's the Axe Gang versus the residents of Pig Sty Alley in Steven Chow's hysterical spoof on Chinese kung fu gangster films. Wonderfully stylized with dancing gangsters and killer tailors, Kung Fu Hustle has something for everyone. Set in the 1930s, the poor residents of this neighborhood are more than a match for these murderous gangs. The landlady proves to be the most formidable fighter of the lot ,and the special effects and over the top fights make full use of Chow's martial arts choreographic skills (see Kill Bill). Kung Fu Hustle takes a mystical turn towards the end, and the excellent special effects help carry it off. Kung Fu Hustle was a huge hit in Asia but will undoubtedly fizzle after its US release. Check out all the awful teeth. We loved it. 2004 Chinese w/subtitles.

Far from Home

Best Hong Kong Comedies - Kung Fu HustleSang Woo is a spoiled little city kid who is unimpressed with his mute grandmother and her rustic ways. His mother has left him with Grandma for the summer, and he has a lot of adjusting to do before he sees the values in country living. He is shocked that you can’t get batteries for your Gameboy out there, and it's intriguing to see how this odd couple adapts. Far from Home is a really well made story about a cross in generations that truly comes across cultures. Chinese. 2000. 90 minutes.

You Shoot, I Shoot

You Shoot, I Shoot is a Hong Kong spoof about a hit man, Bart, who hires a young director, Chuan, to film his murders. A gorgeous socialite, Ma, hires them to kill her ex-boyfriend and is so pleased she tells all her friends. Their films are so well produced, the team quickly becomes the most sought after assassins in the city. Other photo/hit squads try to emulate their success, but none come close to their combined talent. You Shoot, I Shoot is very funny. 90 minutes. Unrated. 2001.

The God of Cookery

Stephen Chow wrote, directed, and starred as the God of Cookery, who may be the meanest food critic of all times. He meets his downfall when he is challenged by an understudy chef, and it becomes immediately apparent he cannot cook. He then loses his twenty restaurants for serving British beef in this Hong Kong gastronomic comedy. He gets picked up from the gutter by Sister Turkey ( Karen Mok) who runs a noodle stand in the Temple Street market and has a crush on him. They invent a dish called" Explosive Pissing Beef Balls" which rockets them to success. In a series of scenes that skewer Kung Fu films, Stephen tries to regain his crown in a master cooking contest. The God of Cookery is very tongue in cheek and quite clever. Cantonese with English subtitles.

Double Fattiness

Apparently, folks in Hong Kong have no problem making fun of heavy people. Short of Eddy Murphy films, this is seldom the basis for a comic film in America. In Double Fattiness, Mom runs a fast food restaurant with her husband and son. She has a heart attack (I guess to her stoutness) but cannot get into heaven as the bridge collapses under her weight. She is sent back to earth on a technicality and given a sexy new body, since her old one was cremated. Dad, meanwhile acquires a new beau of ample proportions and cannot understand why this good looking young woman keeps hounding him. Meanwhile, evil real estate goons have plans for the restaurant that do not include the family. If Double Fattiness sounds like a Little Rascals plot, you're pretty close to the mark.

Fait Accompli

Ling is a fertility doctor who runs a sperm bank in need of donors. Her mother in law is a meddlesome type who is desperate for a grandchild. So desperate, in fact, that she perforates the couples condom supply. There are a few funny scenes, but Fait Accompli quickly degrades into a sappy melodrama after the husband dies. Cantonese w/subtitles. 90 minutes.

The Fun, The Luck And The Tycoon

The Tycoon (Chow Yun Fat), is a trifle bored with his privileged life, so he takes a job as a waiter for a catering company. He enjoys his new work and even caters a party at his company headquarters. Before long, the boss's sister, Sylvia Chiang, displaces Tycoon's betrothed, and he determines to marry her without revealing his true identity. He ends up giving up his inheritance to marry her, and we can only hope they live happily ever after. All in all, it's pretty stupid. Directed by Johnny To. 90 minutes.

Hong Kong Horror Films

Please write to us and recommend more Hong Kong horror films for our listings below.

Haunted Office

Haunted Office is a Hong Kong horror film about an office building that has an abundance of dead tenants. In fact every year the building claims nine lives. It all seems to emanate from the last stall on the 13th floor ladies room. Samuel Jackson has a bit part as a low rent mobster. Not particularly horrifying or interesting.

Hong Kong Action Films

Here are some Hong Kong action films to consider:

Naked Weapon

A very evil woman, Madame M, kidnaps forty athletic young girls from all over the world so she can train them to become assassins at her private island compound. It takes a few years, but the striplings turn into efficient killing machines. She then turns them on each other to Darwinize her pack down to three remaining candidates. Two of the girls, Charlene (Maggie Q) and Katt (Anya) have been close friends since their arrival on the island, and they make a particularly efficient hit squad. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Jack (Daniel Wu) has been working this case for a number of years and finally apprehends Charlene, who is one of the infamous China Doll assassins. She escapes, but not before stealing his heart. Blah, blah. blah. Naked Weapon presents some very pretty people, some over-computerized kung fu, and a lame tale that is a decent diversion for a rainy afternoon. Directed by Tony Ching Siu Tung. Naked Weapon is in English. 2002.

Cheap Killers

Yat Tui is a handsome devil, and when he seduces a mob bosses Chinese mistress, Ling, they end up killing him. Big mistake, and Yat and his partner Cold Sam have their hands full killing their various attackers. Ling leaves him for another mob boss, and eventually Yat Tui is caught and tortured to the point of insanity. Sam looks after him and performs cut rate killings to keep them in food. Cheap Killers has lots of guns, action and fights. All the main characters end up dead. Directed by Clarence Ford. 1998.

The Killer

Jeff (Chow Yun Fat) is a hit man, and he's very accomplished even if he is an old softy. During a shooting spree he sets his gun off too close to a hostages face and burns her eyes. He tracks her down a few months later, determined to help her. They fall in love, and because Jennie (Sally Yeh) is now blind, she doesn't realize he was her assailant. To raise money for her cornea transplant, he takes a high risk political assassination, where he is spotted by the police. They trace him to his girlfriend and use her as bait, but the two lovers escape and hide out at a fellow hit man's hideaway. The determined Inspector Li (Danny Lee) pursues him. So does a gang of thugs who want him silenced. When the thugs arrive, Li and Jeff stand shoulder to shoulder to fight them off. Against impossible odds, Jeff finally takes a bullet to save Jenie. As a final act of chivalry, Jeff wills his corneas to Jennie. Nice touch. The Killer is about, love friendship, honor and guns. (Mostly it's about guns.) The final 15 minute gunfight is like the OK Corral with Uzis. The Killer might not be to your taste, but it is over the top and a must for CYF fans. Cantonese w/subtitles. 128 minutes. 2000.

Hong Kong Dramas

Here is a Hong Kong drama, for your consideration. I'm looking for suggestions of more Hong Kong dramas to include on this page.

Midnight Fly

Michele embarks on a trip through France only to find her husband will not be accompanying her. A fellow tour member, a young Japanese woman, Miki, endears herself to Michele by vomiting in her lap at the start of the journey. They eventually become fast friends and continue on to Morocco, when the tour has concluded. They spend a lot of time discussing their relationships; Michele's eroding marriage and Miki's married boyfriend. After some time they both realize, independently, that they're in love with the same man back in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Miki gets kidnapped and sold into prostitution, which almost seems plausible, if it were not such a Kasbah cliché. Michele stops her life to look for her new friend, and eventually her husband arrives to take her home. She sends him packing and continues to search relentlessly for her husband's mistress. Midnight Fly is a sad but touching story with excellent performances by Junna Risa as Miki and Anita Mui as Michele. Cantonese & English w/subtitles. 2 hours.

Hong Kong Love Stories

Here are two Hong Kong love stories. I'd love to expand this section too, so if you have recommendations for Hong Kong love stories, then write to me, please.

The Truth about Jane and Sam

Sam is a Hong Kong yuppie working on his fledgling journalism career when he spies Jane, who's wearing sunglasses in a movie theater. Intrigued, he follows for a while and catches up with her in a dance club. He works her into his current assignment on disenfranchised youth and pays her to let him trail her for a few days. Shocked by her drug dealing street survivalist life, he tries to add a note of gentility to her roughshod approach. The Truth about Jane and Sam is a bit of a poke in the eye for Hong Kong's bourgeoisie and exposes layers of prejudice you would not have suspected. It's really a 20 something's quirky love story, but if it's raining out, it'll help pass the time. Cantonese w/subtitles. 90 minutes.

The Village of Widows

In a small fishing village off the coast of China, three sisters are entrapped by the bizarre marital practices of the town. Wives and husbands must remain celibate for their first three years of marriage. After that, they can sleep together, but only on national holidays. They cannot live together, however, until a son has been born. If a woman breaks these vows and loses face, she voluntarily walks into the ocean and drowns. It's hard to decipher, but The Village of Widows supposedly takes place in 1949. The Village of Widows is a long, dark, droll film that may of interest if you're an anthropologist. Cantonese w/subtitles.


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