Elvis Movies, Nixon Movies, and Elvis Nixon Movies

Films about Nixon and/or Elvis

What we've got here is a list of films about two of Americas greatest icons, Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon. These two clowns loom so large in the American psyche that it's no wonder they just keep popping up in comedies, documentaries, and mockumentaries. Here are a few Elvis movies and Nixon movies that come highly recommended:


If you ever wondered what really happened at Watergate, all is revealed in this comedy that ties up all the loose ends. Danny Hedaya does a great Nixon, although you kind of hope the man was not that nuts. Kirsten Dunst and Michele Williams are the two teenagers who unwittingly bring down his administration. 94 minutes. Rated PG. 1999.

Finding Graceland

Poor Byron (Jonathan Schaech) is driving around in a sadly scraped 67 Cadillac with a missing door. He picks up Harvey Keitel, who turns out to be the reincarnated Elvis. Bridget Fonda looks great as Marilyn Monroe. Their trip through Graceland is the highlight . PG13. 97 minutes. 1998.

Elvis Meets Nixon

Elvis Movies - Nixon MoviesWhat were they thinking when they made this movie? It is a rather tongue in cheek retelling of the bizarre piece of American pop history. It seems Elvis got pissed off one night and took off from Graceland unescorted by his "Boys". He flew up to DC and got Nixon to make him a drug enforcement agent. For real! Dick Cavett tells the story with some help from Wayne Newton and David Crosby. Really amazing.

Bubba Ho Tep

An elderly Elvis in a nursing home teams up with a black JFK to fight an Egyptian soul-sucker who's preying on the other nursing home residents. The best performance of Bruce Campbell's career.

Heartbreak Hotel

What do you get your maudlin divorcee mother for her birthday? These kids kidnap Elvis as the ultimate pick me up surprise for mom (Tuesday Weld). A funny idea that holds up for about 30 minutes of this 90 minute joke. David Keith does a passable Elvis, but, hey, he's not alone. Directed by Chris Columbus. 1988. 93 minutes.


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