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The perfect title for this page would be "Find the Drag Queen." It could be sort of like "Where's Waldo?" The only real prerequisite to be on this page is that the film contains at least three seconds of a male human dressed in woman's clothing. Here's a few drag queen movies:

The Adventures of Iron Pussy

By day he is a humble cashier in a 7-11 cashier, but in his off hours, Lamduan is a transvestite super hero named Iron Pussy. With her faithful scooter driver Pew, Iron Pussy is keeping Thailand safe from international bad guys and local toughs. Maybe this is a spoof on James Bond films or maybe it is serious, although the former is more probable. Filled with static musical interludes and lame fight scenes, this bitch can kick some ass. At the request of the government, Lamduan becomes a maid in a wealthy household where she can keep an eye on the suspicious foreign visitor, Mr. Henry. Tang, the son of the wealthy home owner, soon falls for her, and they sing a few coquettish duets. Iron Pussy is torn between love and duty when she discovers Tang and Mr. Henry are concocting new ecstasy inducing drugs. Between crime fighting and wardrobe changes, Lamduan also treats everyone to some rockin' musical performances. Unrated. Thai with English subtitles.

Colour Blossoms

Drag Queen MoviesIn the mood for a trans-sexual murder, S&M, tri-lingual triangular ghost love story? Madam Umeki Satoko is a fading Japanese film star who takes a liking to a beautiful young real estate agent, Miss Meili. The actress buys a ten million dollar home at the top of Hong Kong on the condition Meili can locate a tenant for her other apartments in Princess Terrace. Captivated by the elegance of her client, she soon discovers that finding the "right tenant" will not be a simple task. This could almost be a travelogue as the main character sashays up and down Hong Kong's streets always meeting the glance of a silent handsome policeman or the embrace of her Tokyo photographer/male model paramour, Kim. Toss in some S&M, a hint of homosexuality, a trace of trans-gender mysticism, an old murder and some rain and you have an undecipherable mess. Written and directed by Yonfan with production help from Fruit Chan. This must be some kind of fantasy romance film that is just neither bizarre nor erotic enough for our jaded tastes. No, we didn't make this up. Japanese, Cantonese and bad English poetry with a Hindi soundtrack. Starring Teresa Cheung, Matsuzaka Keiko and Harisu. 2004.

The Pink Mirror/Gulabi Aaina

Bollywood meets Divine in this Hindi drag queen movie from Sridhar Rangayan and the folks at Solaris Films. If you ever wondered what it's like to be Indian and a drag queen, this funny film will give you more than a peek. Two older wo/men, Bibbo and her friend Shabbo make fools of themselves trying to seduce two handsome boys. It's a great send up of the Bollywood genre, and if you pay attention you may get to see this at a local film festival. Unrated Hindi w/subtitles. 40 minutes. 2002.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig is the transexual East German singer for the band, The Angry Inch. They are playing bowling alleys while Hedwig's old flame Tommy is packing arenas with Hedwig's songs. We get Hedwig's sordid tale in flashbacks all about his cut rate trans-gender operation that left an inch behind and his marriage to an American GI. It's a musical written/directed by John Cameron Mitchell. Music by Steven Trask, based on the Broadway play. 2000. Rated PG 13. 90 minutes. Thanks to Doctor X.

Shadey Oliver

Shadey has an unusual talent; he can project an image onto film with his mind. British intelligence wants his talents, so he agrees to work for them in exchange for enough cash for his sex change operation. They renege for fear the operation will affect his powers, so he gets Katherine Helmond to castrate him with a kitchen knife. Are you still with me ? He then shaves his chest, cross dresses, and goes about his life after dodging all the spies who are tailing him. I think Patrick MacNee plays Shadey. Look for the great British/Indian actress Madhav Sharma as a church custodian. I 'd be surprised if you can find this one, I got my copy dumpster diving behind my local video store. 1987. PG-13 .About 90 minutes. British?

Ma Vie En Rose

Ludovic is a seven year old boy who is convinced he is a girl. So he dresses as one and is prepared to marry the son of his dad's boss. This is all very awkward for the parents, and their family life strains under the harmless obsession of their son. The stressed out parents take Ludo to a psychiatrist, they cut his hair, they forbid him to wear dresses, and still the neighbors shun them. Eventually dad loses his job, and they move to a less affluent but more accepting town. It's all too allegorical. This is a ham fisted cutesy film that uses an unthreatening kid to prove middle class Belgians are scared of anything strange (i.e. gay). Who cares? Directed by Alain Berliner. Belgian. 1998. 89 minutes. Rated R. 11/98.

The Orkly Kid

Recommended by Jenny, who sent the following synopsis:

"Early 80's short film by Trent Harris (Rubin & Ed, Plan 10, etc). The king of confusion, Crispin Glover (we're talking pre Back to the Future) stars as a young man who hides a dark and terrifying secret from his small town, the deep inner compulsion to don a platinum wig and dress as Olivia Newton John. Then at a school talent show he unveils his deep secret. Will it bring fame and fortune, or torment? Glover's called this his favorite role ever."

If it's anything like Rubin & Ed it would be worthwhile tracking down. Thanks Jenny.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Three drag queens in a bus speeding across the deserts of central Australia. Directed by Stephan Eliott and stolen by Hollywood for To Wong Foo.100 minutes. Rated R. 1994.

Pink Flamingos

Do you think John Waters is embarrassed that he made this ? Is Babs Johnson really a loser? There are two world class drag queens in this classic. Babs is the easy one, but can you find the second?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tim Curry secured his screen credentials as the "Sweet transvestite from Transylvania" in this rock and roll musical. Also look for Meat Loaf and Susan Sarandon at the start of their careers in this wild 1975 British tale of two lost lovers. Curry plays the androginous sexy mad doctor who scares the couple with his overt behavior. Great music. If you never saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show performed in a theater, the tape is worth watching. 1975. 100 minutes. Rereleased in an anniversary edition in 1995. Thanks to Dennis Burke.


A documentary of the 1994 drag queen music festival held on the west side of Manhattan. Interviews are laced between hard to fathom musical numbers that defy description. Well done. Maybe you'll see someone you know.


Holly Woodlawn, the Queen of all drag queens stars with Joe Delasandro in this Andy Warhol "film" about dumpster diving and heroin abuse. I really, really, really liked this movie, but I was fourteen at the time.

Zazie dans le Metro

Zazie visits her Uncle in Paris while her mom takes off for a fling with her latest beau. Filmed in 1962. this movie could be a mutant French Jerry Lewis/Monkees film that may only interest cinema historians. We listed it here because her uncle is a performing drag queen, and we didn't have anywhere else to stick it. 1962. Color. 92 minutes. French w/subtitles. 8/99.

Serial Mom

Kathleen Turner is an overbearing mom who torments her neighbors so they'll behave more rationally. Mink Stole is in this winner. John Waters has always been an equal opportunity employer for cross dressers.

Honorable mentions for drag queen movies to:

  • Birdcage/ Le Cage au Folles I&II
  • All John Waters Films
  • All Andy Warhol Films
  • Victor/Victoria
  • Tootsie


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