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There aren't too many really good dead pet films so we dutifully watched them all and selected these as the very best:

Pet Sematary

I've seen rumors that another version of Pet Sematary is in the works, although for the life of me I can't figure out why. The original film version of Pet Sematary perfect. It also has the virtue of being not just a dead pet movie, but also a great zombie movie. The plot involves a man who finds an ancient Indian burial ground where he can bury pets, and once buried there, they return to life. It's as creepy and tasteless as it sounds.

Barking Dogs Never Bite

Yoon Ju hates dogs, or at least he hates barking dogs. To help preserve his calm, he kidnaps dogs in his building and dispatches them in various ways. A cute little chow is eaten by the superintendent, while another he flings off the roof. A woman in the management office is wise to him and sets out to thwart his dognapping. There is a disclaimer at the end which says, "No puppies were hurt in making this film," but you may question that statement after you've seen this film. Oh, yeah, it's a comedy. This was a runaway hit in Korea, honest. Directed by Bong Joon-Ho. Korean w/subtitles. 2002. 110 minutes.

Dead Pet

Pet Sematary - King of Dead Pet MoviesWhile Jake was away at Harvard, the family poodle has displaced his parents' affection . They regretfully inform Jake, he can't finish school as his tuition went for experimental surgery on Miko, their 13 year old poodle (played by Raindrop). He retires to his room only to find it has been converted into a pink poodle recovery room. Soon after, the poodle dies while in his care. He leaves home, but that is just the start of his problems. Kevin Cotteleer, writes, directs, and stars in this funny spoof on how tough it is to be a twenty something. Reminiscent of Spanking the Monkey, but far more light hearted. Music by SubLunar. 93 minutes. Unrated.1999. Film of the month October 2000.

Rubin and Ed

Howard Hessman (of WKRP in Cincinnati fame) is an outright bozo who is a member of an evangelical get rich real estate religion. While trolling for converts, he stumbles over Rubin, who lives with mom and keeps a dead cat in the freezer. These two hold their own losers' convention as they head out into the desert to bury Rubin's cat. I seriously doubt you can find this one, but it does have special effects by the immensely talented Chiodo Brothers. 1991. Rated PG 13.

Cold Dog Soup

If you liked Rubin & Ed, Cold Dog Soup is another dead pet movie to round out your weekend. Michael gets picked up at a health club and invited home to dinner. He's in for a 'pressure cooker" of an evening until Jasper, the family mutt, chokes to death on an anchovy. Being a nice guy, our hero volunteers to bury the pooch in the park. He bags the dog, leaves Sarah and her mom, and hails a cab for the park. This is not just any cab, though. This cab is driven by Randy Quaid. Quaid talks Michael into selling the dead dog rather than burying him. The rest of the film is spent careening through the city (what city?) trying to get a few bucks for Jasper. In a stupid sort of way, this is all very funny. From Handmade Films. (What happened to them?) Frank Whaley is Mike, Christine Harnos is Sarah, and Mushroom the dog is Jasper. 1989. PG 13. 90 minutes.


A white trash holiday, Gummo is one strange film about life in a lower class Xenia, Ohio. By carefully weaving real interviews and fictional scenes, Gummo's director Harmony Korine leaves you wondering if there is a line between the two. The opening scene is a little kid in rabbit ears and shorts pissing off an overpass onto cars on the interstate. Then it goes into a series of slightly disconnected vignettes. The lead, Gummo, picks up cash by shooting cats with BB guns so that he can sell the meat to the local Chinese restaurant. Technically, they try not to kill pet cats, just strays, but sometimes they goof. Brilliant. 1997. Rated R. Thanks to Ola Lundin.


The star of Baxter is a French speaking bull terrier who always gets what he wants. His first owner is an old woman whom he kills to get more interesting and active owners. His new owners are great fun until they have a child. Baxter is put up for adoption after he tries to kill their son. His third owner is a disturbing Nazi obsessed little boy who puts Baxter through his paces. Slightly disturbing. Thanks to Dustin Miller for the recommendation. French/Dog. With subtitles. 1991. Unrated.


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