Movies about Criminal Couples

Love and Crime in the Movies

This page features movies about criminal couples. If you like films where couples are in love and commit crimes, then this is the place for you.

Another Day In Paradise

Rosie and Bobby are pretty happy, robbing vending machines and shooting crank. Then they hook up with the professional junky/criminal couple of Melvin and Sid (James woods and Melanie Griffith), who take them in as apprentices. It's a tough education, and you get to se every painful minute as they learn how to rob, shoot, and shoot up. You know this story cannot end happily. Directed by Larry Clark. Natalie Gregson Wagner is Rosie, and Vincent Karthersen is Bobby. 101 minutes. Rated R.

Bonnie and Clyde

The classic killer couple, Bonnie and Clyde remains the movie that set the standard for this type of film. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty star in this tale of a Depression era couple that took to robbing banks. If you've ever taken a film class, you've seen the shoot out scene already. 1967. 110 minutes. Unrated.

Cruel Story of Youth

Director Nagisa Oshima's Japanese juvenile delinquent movie is an Asian offshoot of the James Dean genre. Mayo has fun hitching rides with business men and shaking them down when they hit on her. She and her boyfriend make it into a nice business until the police intervene. Love does not prevail in this Romeo and Juliet update, and they must pay for their social indiscretions. The photography is good, but the social pressures and taboos seem a bit obscure. 1960. Color. Japanese with English subtitles. Unrated.

Love and a .45

Bonnie & ClydeWatty Watts (Gil Bellows) makes a habit of robbing convenience stores with an unloaded gun. He checks the I Ching to steel up for the task which he considers his personal art form. It was his grandfather who told him you only need two things in life: love and a .45. Renee Zellweger is his underage girlfriend Starlene, in case you wondered what she did before she was famous (aside from Texas Chain Saw Massacre 6). Watty has a friend named Billy ("a speed sucking psychopath") who he met in prison, and they occasionally commit crimes together. One of their robberies goes sour, and when a clerk gets shot, their lives turn south. Star and Watty have to get out of Dodge, so like all good Texas outlaws, they head for Mexico. They get married en route and honeymoon while on the lam. They are chased by a drug addled trio of low rent debt collectors as well as the full contingent of Texas law enforcement personnel. Peter Fonda is Star's father Virgil, " a handicapped suburban hippy". He gives them a 1000 mg Sandoz purple acid as a wedding present. Love and a .45 tries too hard to be Tarentinoesque, but it has some highlights. Directed by C.M.Talkington. 1995. Rated R. 102 minutes.

Natural Born Killers

My aversion to Oliver Stone movies has kept me from renting Natural Born Killers. There is an unrated directors cut that is a full hour longer than the 118 minute general release. In the spirit of thoroughness, will someone please send me a review of this film so I don't have to watch it? Please?


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