Bad Cop Movies

Good Movies about Bad Cops

This page isn't about bad cop movies, it's about bad cop movies. Do you see the difference?

You could also say that this page is about good movies with bad cops in them.

Infernal Affairs

Internal Affairs is a Hong Kong Cop movie about a young detective who has been undercover since his first day on the force. Implanted in a Triad gang, he is well trusted by his boss Sam, and his identity is know to only one person on the force. Meanwhile the police force also has a mole who reports to Sam in an equally timely fashion. Both moles are asked to discover their alternate selves, and a great cat and mouse film ensues. You know somebody is gonna die, but who? The Internal Affairs DVD has an alternate ending, but this may turn up in theaters before the DVD is released in North America. There are a few sequels right behind it. 97 minutes. Cantonese w/subtitles.

The Big Empty

First time Director Jack Perez puts a new twist on the hard boiled detective story in The Big Empty. Lloyd Meadows isn't quite sure why he is a detective, but he waits patiently for his next divorce job. A vulnerable Jane Danforth hires him to trail her social worker husband, Peter. Peter appears to be an angel, so Lloyd starts messing with his mind. Before long the lonely detective has pried Jane away and made Peter the lonely party. The Big Empty isn't exactly a bad cop movie but, hey a bad detective movie is close enough for us. 96 minutes. Unrated. 2000.

Romeo Is Bleeding

Good Movies about Bad CopsFor every bad movie he has made, Gary Oldman has made three brilliant movies. Romeo is Bleeding falls into the latter category. Oldman plays Jack, an avaricious New York detective who sells a witness to the mob for $65,000. The boys hire Mona Demarkov (Lena Olin) to do the hit, but she gets caught. Jack gets paid to kill her before she can talk, but this proves to be a little more difficult than planned. Annabella Sciorra is Jack's accomplice/wife, and Juliette Lewis is great as his mistress. Rome Is Bleeding is directed by Peter Medak. Rated R. 110 minutes. 1994.

2 Days in the Valley

Plenty of twists and some truly bizarre characters make 2 Days in the Valley a worthwhile waste of your time. I'm fairly certain there's a bad cop in the mix. Directed by John Herzfeld, the cast includes James Spader, Teri Hatcher, Danny Aiello, and Louise Fletcher. 1996. Rated R. 108 minutes.

The Bad Lieutenant

Harvey Keitel redefines degenerate in this one. See a more detailed review in the Substance Abuse Movies section, and be sure to find the NC 17 version.1992. 98 minutes.

Live Flesh

Live Flesh is not truly an odd film, but you may find a lone copy languishing in you local video emporium. If you want to brush up on Spanish vulgarity, it's a wellspring of colorful vocabulary. The main character gets into an argument with a rather colorful woman he'd met the night before. They get into a struggle, the police arrive, and the gun goes off. He does time, and when released he tracks her down only to find she has married the wounded policeman. There are way too many coincidences for your average cynical viewer. 1997. Rated R. 101 minutes. Spanish w/subtitles.

Things to Do In Denver When You're Dead

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead has been overlooked, and some say with good reason. It probably has a bad cop in it somewhere, but I'm not going to rewatch it to verify the point. Great title and an excellent ending. Yes, of course Steve Buscemi, is in it, and so are Christopher Walken and Christopher Lloyd. 1995. Rated R.

Blood Simple

Blood Simple, Joel and Ethan Coens' first full length film, is due to be re-released this summer. Blood Simple is a great thriller which has strains of Fargo in its twisty plot. A young Francis McDormand runs off from her nasty barkeeper husband played by Danny Hadaya. A plot for revenge backfires more than once and will leave you guessing the outcome. Emmett Walsh plays a crooked detective, which is why it's listed on this page. Worth a re-viewing if you saw it 17 years ago when it first came out. 96 minutes. Rated R. 1983.

This page needs your help. There must be a hundred movies in this category (other than Serpico) so send in you ideas.


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