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Lots of films are titled with two names connected with "and". Here are a few of them that are rather unusual couplets.

Rubin and Ed

In Rubin and Ed, Howard Hessman (WKRP in Cincinnati, Fame) is an outright bozo who is a member of an evangelical get rich real estate religion. While trolling for converts, he stumbles over Rubin (Crispin Glover), who lives with mom and keeps a dead cat in the freezer. These two hold their own losers' convention as they head out into the desert to bury Rubin's cat. I doubt you can find this one, but it does have special effects by the immensely talented Chiodo Brothers. As you Brits would say, this movie is bloody brilliant. Check out Plan 10 from Outer Space if this appealed to you. Crispin Glover is a demi-god of American cinema 1991. Rated PG 13.

Benny and Joon

And MoviesMary Stuart Masterson is Joon, a slightly off kilter artist who lives with her brother Benny (Aidan Quinn). When she's left alone, Joon tries to direct traffic with a ping pong paddle while dressed in scuba gear. Benny is trying real hard not to institutionalize his sister, but housekeepers seldom make it through the first day. Until, that is, they acquire Sam (Johhny Depp) in a poker game. Depp's Buster Keatonisms and Chaplin routines are worth the price of the rental fee. 1993. Rate PG. 98 minutes. Thanks to Richard Greaf II and his sister, who recommended this film.

The Truth About Jane and Sam

Sam is a Hong Kong yuppie working on his fledgling journalism career when he spies Jane, who's wearing sunglasses in a movie theater. Intrigued, he follows her for awhile and catches up with her in a dance club. He works her into his current assignment on disenfranchised youth, and he pays her to let him trail her for a few days. Shocked by her drug dealing street survivalist life, he tries to add a note of gentility to her roughshod approach. The Truth about Jane and Sam is a bit of a poke in the eye for Hong Kong's bourgeoisie and exposes layers of prejudice you would not have suspected. It's really a 20 something's quirky love story, but if it's raining out, it'll help pass the time. Cantonese w/subtitles. 90 minutes.

O.C. and Stiggs

What is amazing about this stinker is that Robert Altman directed this comedy . Two teenagers become obsessed with harassing an affluent insurance salesman and his family. O.C. (Daniel Jenkins) lives with his addled ex cop grandfather (Ray Walston). while Stiggs (Neil Burg) resides with his cactus obsessed alcoholic mother and family. Dennis Hopper play his pot growing Viet Nam vet character a la Apocalypse Now, and Martin Mull has a bit part as hipster millionaire. Way too goofy, this was a bad National Lampoon story that got over-budgeted. The highlight is the live performance by King Sonny Ade and the jacked up Studebaker. 1987. Rated R. 109 Minutes. 1/99.

Rikky and Pete

An Australian brother, Pete, ( Stephen Kearny) and sister, Rikky, (Nina Landis) leave Melbourne in their mom's Bentley and make for the outback for a change in lifestyle. The basic story with the domineering father the understanding mother, rage against authority have all been done before and done better. Their are some highlight like really good dynamite scenes, and that gangly bad guy from "Road Warrior's' is a drunken miner. Like all Australian movies it has a quotient of drunken scenes and car chases, one on foot. The gorgeous Tetchie Agbayani is Pete's girlfriend, and Pete's pretty handsome himself. 1988 Directed by Nadia Tass/David Parker 103 Minutes and rated R but just barely.

Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude played every day in Boston for over a thousand consecutive nights. Ruth Gordon is a charming octogenarian who enjoys going to funerals. She meets the self absorbed Harold (Bud Cort) at the cemetery. Although they're more than sixty years apart in age, they form a wonderful friendship. She teaches the lad a thing or two about living. It suffers a little from age, but Harold's mock suicides are funny every time you see them. 1972. Rated PG. 90 minutes. Thanks to Rebecca C.

Sid and Nancy

See Substance Abuse Movies.

Ivan & Abraham

There is very little evidence left of eastern European Jewish Culture from the period between the wars. Director Yolande Zauberman rounded up the talent, money and locations to film this tale. Ivan works for Abraham's family in a Jewish schtetl in Poland. They run away together and link up with a group of gypsies as the boys learn a few things about life outside the ghetto. Ivan & Abraham is in Polish, Yiddish, Russian and Gypsy. 1997. B&W. 105 minutes. Subtitled.

James and Julie

An imperialist's dream, James and Julie run away from home/school to see the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second. They beg, borrow, steal, and connive their way into London for the big day. Stupid studio shots are interlaced with news footage of the actual event to help lower production cost of his funny old movie. London looked pretty cool 44 years ago with great looking busses and cars. Peter Sellers has a bit part as a goofy schoolmaster. Keep an ear out for the atrocious American accents. 1955.

Henry and June

More about Henry and June coming soon.

Oscar and Lucinda

Manny and Lo

Jules et Jim


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