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Updated 6 March 2007

Bloody Shoes I,II & III  This is a Hong Kong horror series centered around a serial killer who skins and tans his victims so they can be made into high end women's shoes. A little more pornographic than American slasher movies and about as interesting. There are at least three  of these but I doubt you'll make through even one of them. Not technically a cannibal film but they do put human body parts to good use. Cantonese  2003

The Green Butchers De Grønne Slagter is a 2003 Danish Cannibal film recommended by Sonya who swears it is both dark and funny. Let us know if you have a copy you'd like to lend us.

Cannibal Holocaust Starting in New York in the 1980's this film quickly flips to some stock footage of the Amazon followed by a group of forest folk having a human snack. Apparently a sensationalist film crew has gone missing in the jungle and a group of investigators were hired to search for them. In the end they find a few skeletons and hours of gruesome footage. Directed by Ruggero Deodato, the original is probably in Italian. Our copy came from a Peruvian flea market so it was dubbed in Spanish.  Filled with gore, violence, spiders, nudity and sex, but none of it is particularly entertaining. There is also a Holocaust 2 of Holocausto Ferox which has an American cast and Italian crew. 1980-81 Italian/English/Spanish? 120 minutes Rated 17+

Dumplings If you are looking for the fountain of youth, look no further than Madam Mei's kitchen. Her dumpling have a secret ingredient that's guarantees a return to your former physical glory. If you wonder why director Fruit Chan enjoys such a cult following, here is one of his films you can really sink your teeth into.  A fading TV star will do most anything to regain her husbands affection and her former beauty. Mei helps her with her tasty dumplings until she meets the husband. This film can be found as a 30 minute version on the Three-extremes compilation or better as the full length "Dumplings" Who was it that said, "Vanity makes fools of us all"? Perhaps they meant cannibals, too. Rated III for obvious reasons. Written by Lillian Lee and starring Miriam Yeung, Bai Ling and Tony Ka-Fai Leung 90 minutes Cantonese w/subtitles

Sympathy For Lady Vengeance The long awaited third installment in Park Chan Wook's vengeance trilogy will surprise and perhaps entertain all you sick perverted bastards that loved "Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance" and "Old Boy". Lee Geum-ja confessed to abducting and killing a five year old boy when she was only 19. We meet her thirteen years later when she is finally released from prison. One of her cellmate, The Witch, is there for killing her husband and eating him and his lover, so that's why we put this on this page. Lee does what was needed to get out, a model inmate, shamming piety and remorse to gain her freedom, with only one thought in mind. Vengeance. Geum-ja has had plenty of time to plan how she'll get even with the guy who did this to her. It starts off slow but you'll eventually come to see the brilliance of her scheme. Her target is the kidnapping pederast who made her confess to his crime by kidnapping her illegitimate daughter. Lee Geum-ja slowly calls in all the favors she has accrued among her prison inmates. She begins by finding her daughter in Australia and taking a 19 year old lover. She finds her victim Mr. Baek, still teaching children and still up to his old ways. What a beautiful web she weaves. Of course Park Chan Wook does not disappoint his fans. There's plenty of his trademark ultra violence, when needed, but this film is more subtle and less gruesome than it's predecessors. The cinematic touches and excellent photography are even better than in Old Boy. As Park gets better budgets, he has honed his craft and perhaps tempered his shock factor to reach an audience greater than you handful of twisted souls who adored Mr. Vengeance. I have to say, I was a trifle disappointed when I first saw it, I mean it was great but the wince factor was only a 7 out of 10. On second viewing, I have to admit. it's excellent. If you are not already a fan, work your way backwards through the trilogy as it is perhaps more palatable that way. 2005  95 minutes Korean Rated III (18+)

We're Going To Eat You Kind of a Hong Kong kung fu cannibal comedy. Residents of a remote island enjoy a good roast human fillet when they can catch one. Agent 999 (played by Norman Tsui) has been sent to the island by Central Surveillance Agency to capture the notorious bandit Rolex. He manages to elude the knife wielding cannibals through his extraordinary martial arts skills until he is sheltered by the bandit chiefs hot girlfriend. There are lots of Fellinni grade freaks in this otherwise goofy film directed by Hark Tsui and the subtitles are pretty funny. Rated IIb Cantonese w/subtitles 90ish minutes

The Untold Story-Part 1&2 When his wife's cousin comes down to Hong Kong for a visit from mainland China, it becomes apparent that the wife has to go. This is a horrific film and really tasteless and brutal by Hong Kong standards. Anyway they barbecue the wife and of course feed her to the cops. In Untold Story 1 the waitress gets made into steamed pork buns and also fed to the cops. We do not recommend either one of these films. Rated III for good reason. Cantonese and it may have subtitles but you won't be reading them.

Spider Baby This black and white horror film is a campy 1960's drive in horror story directed by Jack Hill and starring Lon Chaney, Jr. The reclusive Merry family suffers from a genetic defect that causes some family members to regress to infancy as they grow older. Lon plays Bruno, the faithful family retainer who watches over this strange brood in the proverbial mansion on the hill. As the Merrys get older, he keeps them in a pit in the basement and feeds them raw meat as a sop to their cannibalistic cravings. Well , poor Mantan Moreland has to deliver a package to the family, and , guess what, he's never seen again. This begins a chain of circumstances that degrades into a murderous cannibal frenzy as the teddy clad Merry sisters (Carol Ohmart and Beverly Washburn)  dispatch their visitors. So if you are fond of homicidal teenage girls in night gowns, this may be your cup of tea. Brother Ralph  (Sid Haig) is cool. Almost a cult classic, but not quite.   100 min, B&W 1964 unrated

Human Pork Chop This is a horrendous Hong Kong movie about a gang of thugs who hold a prostitute hostage until she can repay a debt. Everyone is addicted to heroine and they revel in abusing this poor woman until she dies. Then they eat her, get caught by the police, confess and ask for forgiveness. Cantonese/Mandarin with subtitles 

Eat The Rich This may be a British interpretation of a John Water's movie. It is a none too brilliant 1980's send up of the upper classes. An androgynous waiter (Lanah Pellay) rebels and forms a half assed social movement to overthrow the aristocracy. After accruing a few followers they return to a posh restaurant , kill the diners with long bows and proceed to cook them up for the next sitting. Their are lots of inside jokes and social commentary that are both dated and incomprehensible to most non-Brits. Paul McCartney, Bill Wyman and Koo Stark have cameos. Music by Motorhead 1987 , Rated R 92 minutes

Ravenous A Grisly primer on human cannibalism at the turn of the last century. Captain Boyd is remanded to an outpost in northern California where he encounters a Scotsman who has eaten all his traveling companions. The motto is once you have tasted forbidden flesh, you will never lose your desire for more. Many of the cinematic rules of vampirism apply to this growing band of cannibals in this well filmed and not overly gory tale.1999 Rated R 

Delicatessen A haute cuisine French comedy directed by JP Jeunet and Marc Caro. A landlord serves his tenants to his tenants in this futurist story of gustatory deprivation. No, we won't stoop to calling it tasty, but it's a winner. If you enjoy this one, find a copy of City of Lost Children by the same team. Thanks to Kevin Leep for the recommendations 1991 101 minutes Rated R

Parents Renee Sheppard recommends this Randy Quaid film as a delightful cannibal feast. Delightful is not a term we would apply to this macabre story of a vegetarian wannabe kid whose parents keep serving up human leftovers. Neither horror film, nor comedy you may find it in either section. Directed by the actor Bob Balaban who also gave us the much better TV series Eerie, Indiana.  Sandy Dennis and Mary Beth Hurt round out the cast and Brian Madorsky is the kid. Thanks Renee  1988 Rated R 81 Minutes.

301/302 Named after two adjacent apartments, this Korean tid bit is more subtle than a Jeffrey Daumer documentary. The tenants are quite different. 302 is a reclusive writer who is past bulimic, she pukes at the very thought of food. Soon-Hee is 301, a youngish divorcee who loves to cook for her loved ones. She feels 302 is rejecting her love, by failing to enjoy her intricate meals. To prove her love, 302 makes the ultimate sacrifice (in a Christlike manner) . Even in subtitles, this movie loses very little of the emotion it jams down your throat. 1995

The Last Supper Renee Shepard has great taste in movies and she wrote to say "Ït's about a group of grad students who invite people over to dinner and ..kill the the people who don't share their opinions. They bury the bodies in a tomato patch. They feed the fruit to their next victim. The ending is quite good." She thinks Cameron Diaz may also be in it. It ain't first hand cannibalism, but hey, where else could we list it? 

Cannibal Girls  Tabbycat wrote to tell us that " the ORIGINAL Stars Harold Ramis, and directed by now-famed Canook Ivan Reitman.  Campy.  Not yet available on legitimate US video." (1971) -- Anybody have a copy of this they can lend us?

Motel Hell A farmer played by Rory Calhoun makes smoked meat treats from human road kill. He plants still living feedstock in his garden up to their necks in dirt. Wolfman Jack is in this classic which is slightly better than most . 1980 Rated R 90 minutes

Cannibal Holocaust John Sisk dug this up and he says:

Eating Raoul Maybe this was funny, but I saw it so long ago that I forget. A suburban couple develop a taste for human flesh and proceed to place classified ads in sex tabloids to lure in their evening meal. 1982 Rated R 80 minutes

The Cook, The Thief, The Lover, The.... Not to give anything away, but this is probably the most appetizing corpus delecti ever served up in a film. The sets and cinematography are a might strange and you may find it takes some perseverance to stick it out to the end.

Blood Diner JoJohn tells us this is one of the funniest cannibal movies of all times. it is apparently a little obscure, but he assured us it is worth hunting down. We're still looking for a copy and will flesh this out when we see it. 

Folks at Red Wolf Inn -- aka Terror House aka Terror on the Menu aka Club Dead.  Another Tabby Cat pick "...Originally rated R, this campy gorefest is not available in its complete version on any US videotape, despite the three versions mentioned. Lucky folks have a bootleg of the original release" (1972) Okay, who's got a copy?.

Messiah of Evil aka Dead People aka Revenge of the Living Dead Tabby says"-- my personal favorite.  Stars beautiful Marianna Hill -- written and directed by none other than Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, of "American Grafitti" and "Howard the Duck" fame.  Very stylish, and available on video. 1974 " We can't find this one either.

Grave Indiscretion Sting appears in this modern human entree loser. Technically this is not a cannibal movie, they feed the corpse to the pig then have a ham dinner.

Themroc Michel Piccoli and Miou-Miou star in this 1973 French period piece that may not be available in North America. A middle class guy throws in the towel and walls himself up in his apartment with his sister ( why stop at cannibalism when you can have incest too). They proceed to capture policemen and serve them up as "pork" to their neighbors. The best part is they devolve into urban primitives and, yes, they grunt in French.

Alive In the interest of completeness, we'll include this one, but it ain't recommended. Uruguayan Rugby players (not Argentinean soccer players as originally reported, oops)  crash in the Andes and eat their goalie and the whole forward line. Oh yeah, it's a true story.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Alien clowns come to earth in tent shaped UFOs and catch humans for sustenance. This will realign your current perception of the circus. Written, directed and special effect by the none to famous Chioddo Brothers. 1983 Rated PG-13 ?? 88 minutes

The Night of the Living Dead If you are eaten by Zombies, is that truly considered cannibalism ? Dawn of The Dead is better if you like zombie films.

Little Shop of Horrors If you are eaten by a plant, it is not technically belong on this page either. Jack Nicholson's first major screen appearance as a masochistic dental patient. 1960

Unreviewed Recommendations:

Cannibal ! The Musical  Recommended by Steven Nelson who tells us "This was done by one of the guys from South Park... it's a really bad low budget film about a historical cannibal"  Probably not available at your local video store.

Redneck Zombies  Steven Nelson recommends this low budget comedy horror film cause he knows one of the Zombies. The lyrics sound great. Not to be confused with Redneck Vampire.

Cannibal Holocaust Josh Sisk tells us "  an interestingly familiar plot... A group of anthropologists go to new guinea to research a tribe and disappear. A year later, a rescue party find the footage they shot... the movie is that footage. Sound familiar?" Sounds Okay

Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death Oramuz recommends this politically incorrect Bill Mahr spoof on the war of the sexes. Good luck finding a copy.

Lucky Stiff Also an Oramuz selection about  a fat guy who gets invited home by a beautiful blonde who cooks him up for Sunday dinner. 

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