Spring Breakers Review

Since Spring Break 2014 is upon us, I thought I'd review the 2012 release Spring Breakers. I'm sure all those college students who can't make it to Cancun or Daytona Beach this time around will want to see what they're missing, and this film give you that chance. I'm not going to say this film is a realistic depiction of what your vacation would have been like, but it is one of the oddest films you'll ever see about any holiday. The standout performance of the film belongs to James Franco. Read more [...]

1990: Escape from the Bronx

The other day, I reviewed 1990: The Bronx Warriors, an Italian post-apocalyptic film from the early 1980s. That movie was directed by Enzo Castellari and starred Mark Gregory (as Trash). Vic Morrow and Fred Williamson. 1990: Escape from the Bronx continues the story with Castellari and Gregory back in the fold, but with Henry Silva as the villain. In Escape from the Bronx, Trash is still hanging around town. We get to meet Trash's parents, who keep a poster of their son on their apartment wall. Read more [...]

1990: The Bronx Warriors

1990: The Bronx Warriors and Escape From the Bronx are Italian post-apocalyptic action films directed by Enzo G. Castellari and starring Mark Gregory as Bronx gang leader, Trash. The second one of these films was campy enough to be featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 under a different name. I'm going to discuss the 1990: The Bronx Warriors and its sequel together, since anyone interested in the one is likely to want to watch the other. Casting in these movies included an unknown bodybuilder Read more [...]

Films about Dreams

I've noticed that films about dreams tend to appear on lists of the oddest movies time and again. To prove my point, I've listed 5 strange movies that happen to be about dreams, daydreams, or fantasies of some sort. Nothing is easier to depict strangely than dreams. By their very nature, dreams and nightmares have an irrational quality to them. It's only natural that certain creative directors would want to explore the unconscious mind. A more novel approach might be an attempt at a more literal, Read more [...]

Father’s Day by Troma Films

Father's Day by Troma Entertainment is a retro-farcical exploitation film that offers lot of energy and some skill in the film making. I have to admit I've become jaded about most horror films these days, because they just seem to fall into too many patterns. You can't say that about Father's Day. Not many horror movies could be described as "rollicking", but Father's Day is one of them. Anyone who's ever seen Troma films knows what they're getting into: blood, gore, gratuitous nudity, and probably Read more [...]

The Tree of Life Explanation

The Tree of Life is the oddest film among the 2011 crop of Oscar nominees. Director Terrance Malick tells a story similar to what we know of his own life story, growing up in Waco, Texas in the 1950s as the oldest of three brothers and having a brother who died at an early age. Any explanation of The Tree of Life needs to guess what's going through the mind of one of Hollywood's most reclusive figures. To guess the meaning is pretty simple, though. The boy character is coming to grips with Read more [...]

Mulholland Drive Interpretation

Mulholland Drive is often listed as one of the strangest or most confusing films in the history of cinema. Part of that's because it's a relatively new release and therefore more people sitting online typing about film have seen Mulholland Drive. Just about any David Lynch movie will to have its share of mysteries, but there are reasons that this one defies logic more than others. Mulholland Drive: The TV Series First, Mulholland Drive was filmed as a pilot for a tv series. The television Read more [...]

Dogtooth – Movie Review

In the immortal words of Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) from The Dead Pool, “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.” Never was this more true than in the case of Dogtooth, the 2009 Greek comedy/drama/train wreck from director Yorgos Lanthimos. What a shame, then, that most of the opinions on this movie are so far out of whack. You see, this cinematic turd in the punch bowl didn’t get laughed out of theatres when it debuted. Instead, critics heaped wave after wave Read more [...]

Lars von Trier Movies

If you’re looking for a director who’s both experimental and controversial, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better candidate than Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier. When he’s not dealing with his multitude of phobias or being kicked out of the Cannes Film Festival for sympathizing with Hitler, he makes films that punch the mainstream square in the nose and often take a decidedly critical look at the United States. While I was familiar with Lars von Trier movies by reputation, it wasn’t Read more [...]

Richard Linklater Movies

Films Directed by Richard Linklater Thanks to the Slacker movie poster featuring ugly-ass Teresa Taylor of the Butthole Surfers, I’ve always associated director Richard Linklater with dirty hippies. Turns out that’s not the case at all, as Linklater has made a number of films that don’t involve pretentious and perpetually stoned residents of Austin. This article details my experience with Richard Linklater movies, as well as discussing those that I might consider viewing in the future. While Read more [...]