Does Netflix Send Scratched Discs to Drive Customers to Streaming?

I'm one of those old school Netflix users who prefer getting DVDs in the mail.  I resist the move towards streaming videos. Heck, most of us get nothing but bills and junk mail in our mailbox, so I look forward to getting a new movie rental in the mailbox every couple of days. It's like getting a treat. What isn't a treat is getting the DVD or blu-ray disc that is scratched, broken, or otherwise unwatchable. In the past two-and-a-half months, I've received 3 broken or scratched DVDs that I had Read more [...]

Odd Oscars Moments 2012

The 2012 Academy Awards was a pretty tame affair, but I wanted to include the oddest moments of the night. A few of the mainstays made an appearance, such as Nick Nolte and Angelina Jolie. Most of the oddities involved a general attempt to breathe new life into the format by avoiding some of the presenter banter that usually make the Academy Awards shows tiresome and instead having more involved skits or hijinks by those presenters. The ploy worked in some cases and seemed silly in others. Thanks Read more [...]

Home Movie Projectors – Cheap, DVD and Blu-ray Projectors

Home movie projectors are an affordable way to get the sensation of watching a film on the big screen without actually standing in line and putting up legions of text-obsessed teenagers. Just pop your DVD or Blu-ray into the home movie projector, set up a screen (or point it at the wall), and turn down the lights: That’s all there is to it. It’s perfect for families who want to quickly convert their living room or den into a makeshift movie theatre. Many folks also get a kick out of setting up Read more [...]

Collectible, Out of Print, and Unusual DVDs and Blu-ray Movies

The only thing I love better than odd films are collectible, out of print, and unusual DVDs and Blu-ray movies. Many of these titles can sell for hundreds of bucks on eBay or Amazon, making them an interesting investment option for cinema lovers with dollar signs in their eyes. The following article lists a number of rare and unusual movies to get your collection started, although there are hundreds more to track down when you have the time. Just keep in mind that rare films diminish in value Read more [...]

Dr Pepper Coupons – 2012, Free, Printable, Online

Dr Pepper coupons are going to be easier to find than most of the coupons I've covered on this website. Dr. Pepper is not only a major soft drink, but it's a company that sells a whole lot of other sodas, fruit drinks, and energy drinks. Walk into most movie theaters (in my part of the country, anyway) and you'll find Dr Pepper fountain drinks being served. So I wanted to point the movie goers to a few Dr Pepper coupons to help lower the cost of your next movie night, especially if you're going Read more [...]

Rockstar Energy Drink Coupons 2012

I’m not a kid anymore, so I don’t entirely understand the fascination with energy drinks. If I were going to try the product on a consistent basis, however, I’d probably go with Rockstar energy drinks. First, I’ve found that free Rockstar energy drink coupons are easy to come by, which allows me to save money on each purchase. Second, it’s got the same name as the video game designers responsible for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The latter may seem like a poor reason to choose a product, Read more [...]

Big Red Coupons – 2012, Online, Printable

I love Big Red. No, I’m not talking about the 1962 Disney movie with the rambunctious Irish Setter. I’m speaking of the tangy red drink that originated in Texas and boasts such fans as NBA legend Karl Malone, John Mellencamp, and the late Sammy Davis, Jr. I live in Texas, so being able to drink Big Red as a child wasn’t difficult at all. The distinctively red soft drink is available everywhere in the Lone Star State, and you can also find it in 43 other states, Tahiti, and in Kuwait and Read more [...]

Red Bull Coupons – Online, Printable, 2012

Red Bull: It gives you wings. If you’ve watched any amount of television over the last several years, you’d be hard-pressed to miss this distinctive advertising campaign. It’s worked, too, as Red Bull is the most successful producer of energy drinks on the planet (over 3 billion cans sold each year). I can take or leave Red Bull, myself, as I enjoy the caffeine high but don’t care so much for the taste. That’s just my opinion, though, and it certainly doesn’t stop me from collecting Read more [...]

Hansen Natural Coupons – 2012, Online, Printable

Hansen Natural got its start by selling to Hollywood movie studios, so I thought it would make an appropriate topic for our Odd Films blog. The company has been distributing soft drinks and juice for over 70 years, and Hansen’s Natural has been the leading brand of additive-free beverages in Southern California for three decades. I’ve grown weary of watching my belly expand because of Coca-Cola and other high fructose corn syrup products, so I decided to give Hansen’s Natural products a Read more [...]

Unusual Soft Drinks to Drink While Watching Movies in 2012

As much as I love to drink Coca-Cola while I watch my latest Netflix selection, I also like to mix things up once in a while. That’s why I’ve created this list of unusual soft drinks to drink while watching movies. Granted, I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I have every intention of doing so once I work up the courage. And if you’ve already beaten me to the punch on one or more of these, be sure to let us know in the comments section. Hansen’s - If you’re looking for a boost of Read more [...]