Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Review, Spoilers, Cast Information

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is the seventh installment in the classic space opera created by George Lucas. J.J. Abrams comes aboard to right the ship, after three movies which were panned by most fans of the series. It's a testament to the lasting impact of a film series that it can have three disappointing -- even infuriating -- movies and still have fans willing to watch the next installment. In this case, people are enthusiastic and hopeful. Episode 7 is the one which should be called "A Read more [...]

The Zero Theorem (2014) Movie Review

Visually, The Zero Theorem has to be one of the most interesting films of 2014. Where most filmmakers fill their dystopian visions with dull metallic colors and dirt, Terry Gilliam fills his with bright, candy-colored props and sets. Does this make the future that the characters of the movie seem somehow less depressing? The answer is no, it actually makes their plight even more of a bummer. The Zero Theorem has also provided viewers with some of the best performances from some of the finest Read more [...]

Lords of Salem Review

Rob Zombie seems to be in an artistic death spiral. House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects were flawed movies, but those productions had their charms. Halloween was one of a hundred unnecessary remakes, but it was fun to see what someone else would do with John Carpenter's classic series premise. While I had my criticisms for Rob Zombie's Halloween, the work he did on Halloween 2 was simply awful. Despite seeing a trend, I had some hope The Lords of Salem would be an entertaining return Read more [...]

Alter Egos Movie Review

Alter Egos is a superhero movie set in a world where public opinion has turned sharply against the hero community. Superheroes are organized in a public group called "Supercorps", which has lost funding due to scandals and animosity. Set in that world is the story of a couple of heroes, "Fridge" and "C-Through", who are on a mission to move a prisoner. The protagonist, Fridge, is dealing with relationship issues as the mission unfolds. In most productions where a prisoner is being moved, the Read more [...]

The Cabin in the Woods Review with Ending Spoilers

The genre-bending horror flick The Cabin in the Woods debuted this weekend to critical acclaim. Though the movie got a 92% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, I found the film somewhat uneven. Those who saw the trailer and walked into The Cabin in the Woods thinking it was going to be scary might be disappointed. If you want clever and funny mixed in with horror lite moments, you'll enjoy what you see. The Joss Whedon script is full of sly references to horror film genres around Read more [...]

Lars von Trier Movies

If you’re looking for a director who’s both experimental and controversial, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better candidate than Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier. When he’s not dealing with his multitude of phobias or being kicked out of the Cannes Film Festival for sympathizing with Hitler, he makes films that punch the mainstream square in the nose and often take a decidedly critical look at the United States. While I was familiar with Lars von Trier movies by reputation, it wasn’t Read more [...]

Richard Linklater Movies

Films Directed by Richard Linklater Thanks to the Slacker movie poster featuring ugly-ass Teresa Taylor of the Butthole Surfers, I’ve always associated director Richard Linklater with dirty hippies. Turns out that’s not the case at all, as Linklater has made a number of films that don’t involve pretentious and perpetually stoned residents of Austin. This article details my experience with Richard Linklater movies, as well as discussing those that I might consider viewing in the future. While Read more [...]

Mel Brooks Movies

Films Directed by Mel Brooks Long before the Wayans brothers hit paydirt with the Scary Movie franchise, Mel Brooks movies were leaving audience members rolling in the aisles with his subversive and edgy take on the parody genre. While Brooks hasn’t directed a film in over 15 years, his legacy as a comedic pioneer is assured. I grew up watching a number of Mel Brooks movies on this list, and I’ve continued to revisit them over the years on television and the home video market. From racism Read more [...]

Nicolas Winding Refn Movies

Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn debuted on the scene in 1996, and he’s made eight feature films as of this writing. Some have been critically acclaimed, others have been box-office flops, and his most recent, Drive, won him the prestigious Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival. If you’re looking for sentimentality and mushy love stories, Nicolas Winding Refn movies are not for you. His cinematic landscape is populated with violent drug dealers, tormented husbands, and even one-eyed Read more [...]

Sam Raimi Movies

Films Directed by Sam Raimi If you enjoy horror and the Three Stooges, Sam Raimi movies may be just what you’re looking for. That’s because the director has a love for violent and often terrifying subject matter, but he’s never afraid to inject a healthy dose of black humor. However, unlike Kevin Smith, Rami isn’t a one trick pony. He’s helmed sports movies, supernatural thrillers, Westerns, and the successful Spider-Man trilogy. But no matter what film he’s working on, you can Read more [...]