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On this site we recommend non mainstream or under appreciated full length films. Independent films, foreign films, lost films and strange and unusual movies are reviewed. You will find many of these "weird films" at your local video store, but others may require an extensive search. We also welcome your cinematic recommendations so don't be bashful....

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Weird movies by category

Here are a few categories to help make your search for weird movies more entertaining:

Weird Foreign Films

Korean Movies An overabundance of cheesy high school horror films come from the studios of this divided peninsula. Hidden amongst them are some excellent dramas and some wincingly brutal horror stories.

Chinese Movies Things are changing fast in China and domestic dramas are more open and interesting than ever before, here are a few we have seen and liked.

British Movies about People with Bad Manners You know, we are led to believe that the Brits are all kind, gentle people with impeccable manners. Here's a few films that will set you straight.

Hindi Movies If you have been ignoring the largest film studios on the planet, here is a list of readily available Hindi films to get you started.

Hong Kong Comedies No joke, there are lots of them and some are good.

Movies from Thailand No, there not all porn films. Take a look.

Southern Hemisphere Stuff Australian/New Zealand films that are slightly askew.

Japanese Films A random selection of films from a small island off the Pacific coast of China and Russia.

Odd Crime Films

Serial Killer Movie Series There's just one right after another.

Criminal Couples Movies There a a few of these sinister lovebirds on film.

Substance Abuse Movies These are films that have a little something to do with overindulgence in drugs/alcohol.

Botched Kidnapping Movies This has been a real popular theme as of late.

Amateur Criminals You have to start a life of crime somewhere.

Bags of Money There's a few films where a big bag of money is the main character and we follow it from one owner to the next.

Weird Horror Movies

Cannibal Movies A lengthy compilation dealing with the ultimate taboo, eating your neighbor. I had no idea there were so many bizarre titles that fit into this category.

Vampire Movies, et al. Bram Stoker originals and rip offs. Only the really good ones are here. Right?

More Strange Cinema

Amnesia Movies Just a little reminder that there are some excellent full length features that use this cheesy plot device in some inventive if not unforgettable ways.

Misspent Youth Not everyone had your idyllic childhood. Here are a few alternate ways of making it too adulthood.

Drag Queen Movie Extravaganzas Maybe extravaganzas is a little too flamboyant, but the drag queen part is on the money.

Siamese Twin Movies & Double Features Yeah, there's a couple of these out there.

Weird Movies - Weird FilmsNew Jersey Movies A collection of films that have something to do with New Jersey.

Perennial Loser Films Depressing films about hopeless schmucks.

Doc-, Mock-, Rock- & Shock -umentaries

Film Films Self reflective movies in which the main character is trying to get their film made.

Hard to understand movies about the future Primarily a list of Bruce Willis movies and Sci-Fi films you have to watch a minimum of three times to glean the plot.

First Rites Films A series of directorial debut films by talented, underpaid, overworked and neurotic new American directors.

Dead Pet Movies There are a few really great comedies based on this rather somber topic.

Dysfunctional Rock Band films There are few similarities between these films except they share the theme of a poorly coalescing or rapidly disintegrating rock bands.

Subtitled films that didn't need sub titles Need we say more?

Films that portray Gypsies in a positive way Gypsies could use a good PR firm to handle their public image. These are a few movies that try and break rather than reinforce the standard gypsy stereotypes.

Avuncular Cinema Why are uncles the most stereotyped of relatives in modern film ?

Working Boys Films about males who rent themselves to others for unspeakable reasons.

Dysfunctional Family Movies Sometimes loser movies cover more than just the individual. We are not including the Brady Bunch films on this list.

"AND" Movies You know, like Romeo AND Juliet, Beevis AND Butthead...

Voodoo Movies Who can resist a good Voodoo film ? Are there any?

Bizarro Classics This is a collection of black and white odd films from years past.

Good Movies About Bad Cops - Exactly what it says.

Comic Book Movies Here's a few movies extracted from some good comic books.

Alien Adventures UFOs and their inhabitants

Elvis, Nixon and Elvis&Nixon Films A short collection of films that portray either or both of these 60's icons.

Steamy Movies These are a collection of films where passion or lack of it are central to the plot.

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